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Kaufman & Bennett Law                                 Paul William Kaufman, Esq.

The Principles We Follow
At Kaufman & Bennett we believe in following four simple principles that lead to our success.

1. Ethical and Honest 
We would not be in business as long as we have if we didn't make being ethical and honest a top priority.
2. Strive for Excellence
It doesn't matter what type of cases we are working on, we do extensive research, we know who is involved, and we are prepared to handle all the different nuances that come up.

3.  Experience Counts
Everyday we learn something new because our world is constantly changing.  But knowing how the courts work, how to negotiate the best terms for different transactions, and how to mediate complex situations successfully all come from years of exceptional  work experience.

4.  Deliver Successful Results

This is the most important principle because without the first 3 mentioned above, we wouldn't be as successful as we are.  Our strong track record speaks for itself.

Treating our guests and clients as a priority is a priority to us. We make the effort and take the time for everyone who needs our help. 

Paul Kaufman has been practicing law on the South Shore for more than 40 years.  He is a pillar of the South Shore community, and has held prestigious voluntary positions such as:

- Past President of the Plymouth District Court Bar Association
- Past Master of the Masonic Lodge

Paul puts his clients' needs first.  He always wants to achieve a thorough and effecient resolution for all of his clients.

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